Evolution of Betting: How Hard Would It Be for You to Make a Bet 30 Years Ago?

The betting industry is one of the most adaptable businesses in the world. It devours every change and innovation there is to make itself more convenient for users and beneficial for bookmakers. That is why today, we have handy and structured betting platforms we can access online from Tanzania and other parts of the African region. Punters can even do it from their phones. Check how to do it via an app here: https://1xbet.tz/app/.

It is shocking that 30 years ago, the whole betting process was way more complicated and basically had other mechanisms, including marketing strategies, number of services, range of payment methods, and other options. So, in this article, you will learn how to place a bet today compared to the olden days. Also, you’ll get a piece of our speculation about what can happen in the future with the way we can place a sports bet.

How Did a Tanzanian Punter Make a Bet 30 Years Ago?

If we travel back in time or reminisce about how betting was organized 30 years ago, we see tremendous differences. Until 1985, the only gaming activity allowed was the national lottery, so there is not much to say about this period.

However, in 1992, everything changed and started developing really fast. So, later, in 2003, the main and current regulator was formed, and various forms of betting appeared as a publicly legal activity. But other differences can be tracked if we look at the betting process before 2003.

First of all, the Internet was not as developed as it is today. Mainly, there were lots of offline betting shops where punters could place a sports bet before the game began.

Even before betting became legal in Tanzania, people still had made some informal bet deals with each other, and probably, there even were some unofficial companies who accepted the deals. So, betting was available exclusively on the black market and not publicly allowed.

Another crucial thing that can be noted is that back in those days, this entertainment was mostly popular among poor Tanzanians, who made it a part of their income to try and win jackpots and instantly become wealthy. Today, betting is available to many punters with different budgets and social statuses.

What Popular Bookmakers Were There?

The first bookmakers that appeared on the Tanzanian market were difficult to identify because there were many international brands with good reputations who wished to enter the African market. So, basically, many British companies that were pioneers of this industry started to offer their services legally. The majority of these bookies are still active on the market and welcome its punters.

What Betting Options Did They Provide?

The number of options for bettors was a bit less wide. It mainly depended on the number of offered markets. First of all, punters could only have the luxury of placing pre-match bets without an opportunity to make it in a live regime, as they can easily do it now.

If you plan to place a stake in your favorite soccer team, be prepared to visit a betting shop. They are mostly located in big cities, such as Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Dodoma, and others. Punters who live far from these cities must travel to a betting shop. Moreover, when you reach the shop, you should fill out the bet slip with your prediction and state the amount you bet. Then, wait for a gem to end to know the results.

The whole procedure was a bit time-consuming. It was far from how people can place stakes today. So, planning your bet was only a part of the problem. You could spend the whole day making your bets in a betting shop, and that was not considered an addiction.

What Betting Rules Were in Tanzania Back Then?

The African region is known for its legalization of betting and gambling industries. However, 30 years ago, the situation was different. 

With the help of the Investment Promotion Protection Act that was passed in 1992, betting became legal in the country, which provided a bit more opportunity for its citizens. The top betted sports in those days were soccer and basketball.

However, there are not so many betting shops and reliable bookmakers from whom punters can choose. Therefore, the whole betting revenue looked like something secretive and unauthorized. There was no way you could check the reliability of a bookmaker. A good word between the bettors can prove somebody’s reputation and make more punters stick with this particular bookie.

A relatively modern Gaming Act of Tanzania that allowed online gambling and regulated it somehow was passed only in 2003. It helped to get rid of untrustworthy companies by issuing a license to those bookmakers who complied with the requirements stated by the regulator.

How Can You Place a Bet Now: Observation of Available Methods

How Can You Place a Bet Now: Observation of Available Methods

Today, everybody has a choice. Punters can still visit a betting shop to make a stake on their favorite game or team, or they can use various devices connected to the Internet, from PCs and laptops to mobile phones and tablets.

Sure, if you live near such a place, it is more fun to go there physically, but should you do it if your location is far from an available spot? And that is when online bookmakers come in handy. If you wish to place a bet on soccer and other sports, you can easily visit your bookmaker and do it. Here is a short process description:

  1. Register on the platform and use your login and password for authorization.
  2. Visit the sports section and choose the game you like.
  3. Then, choose among the odds and markets and add the selections to your bet slip.
  4. You can build a bet of any complexity allowed by the bookmaker.
  5. Indicate the amount you need to bet and confirm your choice. 

The whole procedure is fully intuitive and takes about 2 minutes if you know which predictions to make. However, before you have an opportunity to place a bet, you need to fund your betting balance. And this is possible via any financial provider offered on the platform. In a world where half of purchases happen online, it won’t be a problem.

Eminent and Trustworthy Bookmakers

The process is easy, but the choice is huge. The number of bookmakers grows every year. The online betting industry never stops adopting all the latest services and technologies to enhance their options and attract more punters due to the big competition in the market. This caused some fraudulent organizations to become more active.

So, it is important to know how to check the bookmaker you are going to place your stake on. Finding a trustworthy bookmaker is one of the major problems, but if you know popular brands’ names, you can save time and join their portals for a pleasant experience.

Based on the expert’s advice, the problem of choice can be easily eliminated when you know all the popular licensed brands that operate in the country. Therefore, always check if the bookmaker has a license.

What Betting Options Do Bookmakers Provide?

The options bookmakers offer for sports betting vary from standard odds and markets to a more extended set. For instance, if you bet on a proven site, the number of choices should be very broad.

Usually, reputable bookmakers have applications; for instance, if you are interested, get a hint here about one of the best bookmaker apps: https://1xbet.tz/app/. Besides, there are mobile platforms and even Lite versions of the website, so players with any phones can place a bet. All these options make betting entertainment more accessible. Financial providers who offer low transaction fees and bookmakers with relatively low allowed deposit sums make wagering affordable even for punters with small budgets.

How Is Betting Regulated?

Tanzania has one primary licensing organization, which is the Gaming Board of Tanzania. This regulator issues a license that allows a bookmaker to operate in the country and offer its betting services on legal grounds. The license makes the platform follow particular rules and regulations of the business activities. For instance, the platform can work exclusively with players of legal age, which is 18 in Tanzania. 

Digital Era and Its Benefits

Digital Era and Its Benefits

Every epoch has its ups and downs. The main question here is which list is longer. Today, when everything has gone digital, there are certain perks a punter can receive if he or she uses a wise approach. The advantages that simplify the betting process are the following:

  1. Play any time of day and night.
  2. Support that is always available.
  3. Many available sports betting bonuses.
  4. Fast transactions and short processing time.

All these benefits are very profitable if you know how to use them. Back in the day, everything required a check or a physical bet slip, but today, you can activate your bonuses, make a transfer, and place a bet without raising from a couch. You can observe analytics, check your bet history, and do many other things online.

Possible Risks and Betting Problems

Possible Risks and Betting Problems

Sports betting has always been a highly addictive phenomenon. The change of times only made the process more convenient and more accessible for people who like sports. However, based on the latest policy of the Tanzania government to make younger people bet wisely, there are still many cases of addiction.

And the growth of this tendency can be simply connected with the high level of accessibility of this entertainment. Punters can wager from their PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. All of that simplifies the process of bet placement and eventually increases the addiction level. Therefore, the country’s government takes necessary measures, such as creating organizations or partnering with existing ones that can provide help and treatment to such people.

Any Ideas on How We Will Be Making Bets in the Next 30 Years?

Any Ideas on How We Will Be Making Bets in the Next 30 Years?

Taking into account the rapid development of the betting industry, it is very difficult to imagine what can happen in 30 years with this business. However, nobody prevents us from speculations and prognoses. So, if we imagine what awaits us in the next 30 years, we can see the following picture.

The development of betting depends on many factors. It requires proper analysis of punters’ preferences, innovative gaming products from developers of gaming software, and many other factors. Now, punters can place a bet in a couple of clicks, so maybe in the future, the technology will learn how to read our thoughts so we can only make a blink of an eye and our bet is made. Perhaps we’ll also witness a different approach to account verification. How fancy would it be to prove your identity with a fingerprint or scan of your eyeball?

If we look at it from another angle, we probably will be facing more restrictions. The increase in betting availability may lead to more fraudulent schemes, which in turn causes more enhanced security measures. So, one change triggers another, and so every brick in the process is substituted for something new and more innovative.

Summing Up

Summing Up

Betting habits and opportunities undergo changes almost daily. Many bookmakers always monitor the market, trying to uncover the latest innovations that can help enhance their business, widen their options, and provide more convenience to bettors. It is a highly competitive sphere where bookies try to attract more punters and maintain their reputation. It leads to more quality service and fewer fraudulent schemes.

Comparing betting opportunities in Tanzania 30 years ago with what we have now can show us what a leap the industry has made. Earlier, punters in Tanzania had to go to a betting shop to enjoy all the benefits of betting, but today, they can do it from a couch at home.

Summing up all the thoughts and ideas expressed in the article it is obvious that rapid growth of the industry has some perks and new dangers we are yet to explore and prevent. And AI technology is one of those perks that has penetrated the African continent recently making betting even more comfortable and convenient.

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